About Nichole

Nichole is a Bay Area artist who tells visual stories with her art. Whether it is illustration, visual development or graphics, her creative objective has always centered around creating a visual dialogue that communicates a memorable story. 

She published Ambrosia and What do Scientists Actually Do? while in college and graduate school at The University of California Los Angeles. 

After pursuing her MFA in Animation at UCLA, she quickly found herself working for studios like NBC Universal, The Orphanage VFX Studio and PDI DreamWorks in production. Working closely with inspiring artists, Nichole soon realized she needed to pursue her own passion of story telling through illustration.

Nichole was given the opportunity to create production art work on short films like, Merry Madagascar and features like, The Penguins of Madagascar. This launched her into following her passion full time. Nichole is currently working as a freelance artist. Email her to find out more about her work!